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Trackalizer will help you export your audio tracks as separate audio files for easy import into other programs. You can choose any render format that Vegas supports. Trackalizer will even automatically sense and render Mono and Stereo tracks with separate templates. There are additional rendering templates that you can install for 48K and 96K sample rate at 24bit sample depth.

With Trackalizer, each audio track that you include can be a continuous audio file starting at the beginning of the project and continuing to the end or you can just render the looped/selected region. There is also an option to export without any FX so you can process the tracks in another multi-track audio application.

Trackalizer can now render named regions to separate audio files using the region name as the filename. It also has an option to change the project title to match the region name before rendering so that ID3 tags will be updated correctly when rendering to formats like MP3.

Supports Vegas Pro 8.0 or greater

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