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Ultimate S Lite
Author VASST
Price $69.00
Ultimate S Lite
Ultimate S Lite

The New Ultimate S LITE Extension is HERE!

Ultimate S Lite is here! For those of you who are not familiar with Ultimate S, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Ultimate S Pro has long been the single, greatest workflow enhancement tool available to Vegas editors. For years Ultimate S has been assisting Vegas users in creating dynamic content in a fraction of the time it would take to create manually. Now Ultimate S Lite is here to bring that same power and time saving functionality to the masses at a price that cannot be beat!

Download the fully functional demo now to experience the best in Vegas editing. You’ll be glad you did!

FREE Ultimate S Training can be found on our YouTube channel

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Current Version: 1.0

Supports Sony Vegas 6.0, 7.0 & Vegas Pro 8.0b, 8.1, 9.0, & 10.0, 11.0 32bit and 64bit , and 12.0 & 13.0 64-bit (docking only available in Vegas Pro 8.0b or later).

(Does not support Vegas Movie Studio or Vegas Movie Studio Platinum)
*Upgrade to Ultimate S Pro from Ultimate S Lite and save the entire cost of Ultimate S Lite*

VASST now offers Ultimate S Lite giving users some of the most acclaimed tabs of Ultimate S Pro at a price that is attainable by everyone. With 6 Tabs and over 150 controls Ultimate S Lite can now give you amazing power at a price that is undeniable!

Ultimate S Lite has the following tabs filled with these features:

Photo Montage: Pan and Zoom, Saving of Presets, Adjust Duration / Overlaps, Slideshow to Markers, Fit to Music, Fit to Region, Randomize, Image source from Timeline / Media Bin / File system, Crop to Aspect Ratio, Reset Crop to Media Aspect, Reduce Interlace Flicker, Apply Transitions in Forward Order, Reverse Order, and Random Order.

Markers: Load / Save Markers from file, Create markers at Events, Region to Chapters, Place markers at Intervals, Change Distance Between Markers, Split Events at Markers, Delete between Markers, Renumber Markers, Remove All markers, Edit at markers, Convert Markers.

Film Looks: Apply Film Look, Convert footage to 24p, Convert 4:3 projects to Widescreen, apply various Film Looks to Track, Event, or Buses for the entire project or just a timeline selection.

Lower Thirds: Set up Preset lower thirds, overlays, and custom sides. Additional lower third libraries (GrafPaks) install to this tab. Add thirds to existing track, above existing track, or below existing track, lengthen/shorten, change enter/exit points, repeat lower thirds. You can now pre-render your lower thirds for faster playback performance.

DVD: Render DVD ready files using standard or custom templates, Bit-rate calculator helps you determine what bit-rate to use, Create subtitles for your DVD from Regions or TEXT Command Markers, Easily convert a text file to regions for use with the new subtitle function. Create DVD Architect Chapter files.

Setup: Quick Setup, Advanced Track Setup Presets to preload video and audio tracks and buses. Setup Media Bins exactly the way you like them and recall them for any project.

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