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Aerial Camera - What You Need To Know
Author Norman Kent
Price $79.00
Aerial Camera - What You Need To Know

"AERIAL CAMERA" What You NEED to Know with Norman Kent, one of the most celebrated skydiving cinematographers/ photographers in the world.

In this two disc, four-hour DVD, Norman Kent delves into the secrets of the professional skydiving photographer. His 30 years as a skydiving photographer serve as a foundation for this discussion of both aerial cinematography and photography. This DVD serves as an introduction to camera flying, going deeply into the basics and some advanced topics.
Disc One:
  • Photography categories
  • Jumpsuits/clothing
  • Helmets
  • Sight devices
  • Indicators/Audibles
  • Lenses/Filters
  • Side vs Top Mount
  • Mounting the camera
  • Safety Issues
  • Tips n' tricks
Disc Two:
  • Flying Techniques
  • Photographing Tandems
  • Formation photography
  • Canopy photography
  • Deployment hints
  • Camera choices/moving to HD
  • Trailers from Norman Kent films
  • Editing systems
  • Random Musings of a Professional Camera Flyer
    (This is a half-hour face to face discussion with Norman about some of his past experiences, how he manages his jumps/cameras/deployments, and other personal insights)
  • Fundamentals of HDV

"I am thoroughly impressed and all I can say is that the DVDs are fantastic. Norman has hit a home run with what I feel has been long overdue in skydiving, a definitive source about everything related to skydiving with a camera. Great job Norman."

- Scott Campos/LouDiamond Skymonkey Publishing

Excerpts from Disc Two:

Produced by VASST, viewers will find four hours of information from the master of the lens. This DVD also features bonus sections with Grammy and Emmy award recipient Douglas Spotted Eagle. Douglas provides up to date information on HDV, AVCHD, and other new formats beneficial to skydiving photographers.

Whether you're just getting started in skydiving, or have been flying cameras for years, everyone will find information in this DVD that will improve their flying or photographic skill.

With hundreds of photographs and video clips underscoring Norman's recommendations and information, this DVD is not only informative, but fun as well. You'll see some of Norman's favorite photos, video clips, and more in this DVD with 25 chapters. It's like having Norman Kent in your living room for an evening! This DVD was produced using XDCAM HD on the ground and HDV in the air, providing for high quality imaging. This isn't like any other skydiving video you've seen before.


"I can't believe I never looked @ my helmet this way until I saw this DVD. I like the way Mr. Kent shows the good and bad points of several helmet setups."

- Shoofly

Excerpt from Disc One


Screen Captures from the DVD:

The two images below are from the "LENSES AND FILTERS" segment of the DVD
sample images from DVD

sample images from DVD

The two images below are from the "HELMETS" segment of the DVD
sample images from DVD

The image below is from the "CAMERAS" segment of the DVD
sample images from DVD

This image is from the "CAMERA MOUNTS" segment of the DVD
sample images from DVD

This screen capture is from the "SHOOTING TANDEMS" segment on the DVD
sample images from DVD

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